Fitness must illness varies


Hypertensive patients suited to do walking, cycling, swimming and other sports, these projects are dynamic isotonic sports, through repeated contraction of muscles, causing relaxation and contraction of blood vessels, promote blood pressure. Exercise should be about 50% of the cardiac load is appropriate, when that movement to keep the pulse at 110 beats / min or so. Once a day, every 30 to 60 minutes. Healthy people to improve heart function, should adopt a large amount of exercise, the pulse of the movement of at least 135 beats / min for 15 minutes or more effective. If you have heart disease should be cautious, cardiac function should be based on the extent of damage to choose forms of exercise and physical activity. Generally speaking, a secondary cardiac dysfunction may engage in mild heart attack walking, jogging, tai chi, medical gymnastics and other sports, exercise limited pulse 104 to 120 beats / min; three or four cardiac insufficiency patients with angina pectoris frequent physical activity should not be used to rest mainly, but also to do some qigong and other appropriate protective minor activity, the principle is not to increase the number of heartbeats for the degree. Clinicians report that many people with diabetes just stick light physical exercise and diet control that is able to recover. Movement from mild activity, gradually increase the exercise intensity, such as walking, rowing, running can be. However, before or after the injection of insulin, and do not suffer from angina exercise to prevent hypoglycemia or worsen complications. Walking, aerobics, swimming, cycling and other exercise methods to help lose weight. To walk, for example, began 45 minutes after a meal, the speed of 4.8 kilometers per hour for 20 minutes to be effective, 2 to 3 hours after a meal and then an additional one (about 20 minutes) would be better. As for obese children to exercise intensity is 50% of maximum oxygen consumption (pulse control 75% of maximum heart rate), one hour a day, five days a week, long-distance-based, with ball, bouncing for kids willing to accept the way for Jia.


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