Men eat celery prevent hair loss


Prevention of alopecia areata. Balding called in medicine androgenetic alopecia, adult males are the most common form of hair loss phenomenon, more and more, and genetic factors secreted by the combined effects of androgens cause. Studies have shown, celery, parsley, broccoli has a good anti-androgen effect, therefore, in the treatment of hair loss, eat these types of foods that can help suppress androgen secretion.
Expert Weapon: Men with a family history of hereditary hair loss before did not respect eat three vegetables.

In addition, the lifestyle, but also do eat spicy food, smoking cessation, to feel comfortable and regular schedule, these practices can be postponed alopecia Time ”
Of course, men’s hair loss for many reasons, experts stressed that the usual shampoo choice is unreasonable, dandruff more often scratching hair, can also cause hair loss, hair loss. Therefore, we recommend try to choose their own special shampoo and stick long-term use, and change the ‘thinking on a scratching’ habits.
Experts point out that in March-April, July to September is the peak of hair loss, hair loss is not a day over 100 are normal, no tension.


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    Middle-aged men particularly afraid of hair loss, alopecia areata embarrassment, in fact, lifestyle changes, can help prevent or delay the trouble.

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