Ways to improve insomnia


In Milk contains tryptophan is one of the eight essential amino acids, which not only has a role in inhibiting brain excitability, also contains make people feel tired generated effects. It is one of the essential amino acids the body, a glass of milk content enough people to play the role of sleep can make people fall asleep faster. Fruit hypnosis for insomnia patient’s body a great help, because, fatigue and insomnia, before going to eat apples, bananas and other fruits, resistant to muscle fatigue; If the navel orange fruit on a class pillow edge, its flavor can promote sleep. Jujube fill the role of both the body of people, but also to improve the symptoms of insomnia patients. Jujube sweet, sugar, protein, vitamin C, organic acids, phlegmatic, calcium, phosphorus, iron, Spleen, sedative effect. Night with jujube 30 ~ 60g, add water for cooking, help you sleep. Physical exercise is an effective way to improve sleep, but can not transition. Conducted in patients with insomnia fall asleep before some relaxation exercises, such as the stretch of the legs, curved waist, etc., can accelerate the speed of sleep, relieve anxiety. Imagine a beautiful scene. To sleep, lie down, do not cranky, close your eyes and imagine the brain only for himself a vast expanse of the universe (or you can choose your favorite things) in this universe nothing, only countless shining Star, you look at these stars feel beautiful beautiful …… …… so imperceptibly slowly watching you fell asleep.


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