Vigilance elderly asymptomatic disease


Can often have silent myocardial ischemic attack, angina can be no; even without pain, myocardial infarction, or atypical pain location, or in the throat, teeth, upper abdomen, shoulder. Heart failure, the symptoms are not typical, showed only sleep at night after lying as coughing, chest tightness, gas hold, and sat before comfort. Left ventricular failure, can only showed decreased urine output, sacral swelling. Elderly hyperthyroidism. Can be no appetite, hyperactivity, no goiter, exophthalmos, no grumpy, melancholy performance opposite reaction indifferent. Pneumonia in the elderly. Can no cough, sputum, not high body slowly until the shock did not know to go for treatment. Older ulcer disease. The typical ulcer disease may be no pain. Visceral perforation peritonitis caused by the elderly often no pain, no muscle rigidity tension.


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