Lack of sleep-induced obesity


Most people think that long sleep may be due to the nerve center of a long-term state of suppression, which leads to organ dysfunction, weight gain. But many people do not know that lack of sleep can trigger obesity. After investigation by researchers analyzed 18,000 health personnel found the time to keep those night sleep in 7-9 hours compared to people who sleep less than four hours per night of the dangers of obesity, higher than the former of 73%, compared with a daily average of five hours of sleep a person 50% higher than six hours of sleep per night person was 23%. The reason may be the lack of sleep affect metabolism, hormones stimulate the appetite increases, while the reduction of satiety hormones.

The study also found: insulin secretion by lack of sleep than normal sleepers grew by 50%, and the sensitivity is greatly reduced. Under normal circumstances glucose tolerance, insulin dysfunction is the direct cause of increased obesity.


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