The effect of red wine


The researchers found that blocking Streptococcus mutans “hero” is a compound called “proanthocyanidins”‘s. Previous studies have found that proanthocyanidins have antioxidant found in many foods, such as grapes, apples, cinnamon, cocoa, tea and so on. Grape skins and grape seeds contain proanthocyanidins, but it was unclear whether there mouthguard effect of grape juice, grape skin and grape seed grapes when people are discards, and wine in the brewing process in grape skin and grape seed fermentation together brewing, grape skins, seeds proanthocyanidins, may also exist in red wine. Are proanthocyanidins extracted from grape wine in for developing oral care products, is now among the scientific discovery. Some red wine acids and sugars can cause tooth decay, but according to the findings, red wine also has to protect the teeth of ingredients, can be described as mixed merits and demerits. In addition, the human health benefits of red wine a lot. Previous studies have shown that red wine can improve brain power, enhance immune system function, prevention of diabetes and obesity, aging and so on. Moderate consumption of red wine of respondents thinking more sensitive than never drinkers. Professor of neurology at Columbia University, said Clinton Wright, this is because the grape skins natural active ingredient resveratrol promote healthy blood flow to the brain.


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