High cholesterol self-judgment


Often appear confused or speak with people easily fall asleep gap. The morning after feeling muddle-headedness, may improve after breakfast, afternoon extremely drowsy, but the night was clear. Eyelids appear yellow warts. Eyelid yellow warts are middle-aged men increased lipid signal, mainly in the upper eyelid rash appears yellowish small for the size of a grain of rice at the beginning, slightly higher than the skin, severe covered the entire eyelid. Regular calf cramps. Calf cramps frequently, and often felt the sting, which is the accumulation of cholesterol in the leg muscle performance. Face, hands appeared spots. Short on the face, hands appear more spots (plaques slightly larger than the senile plaques, darker). Memory and reaction force was significantly diminished. Eyes appear blurred. Eyes to see things blurred waves, which is the blood becomes viscous flow rate slows, transient ischemic optic nerve or retina caused by hypoxia.



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