Pears can be cancer


The researchers found that after a meal to eat a pear or a cup of hot pear juice, accumulate in the human body can be a lot of carcinogenic substances discharged. The findings show that smoking or eating meat and other in vivo accumulation of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and strong, it will significantly reduce the after Chili, especially drinking heated pear juice. Thus, pears are called to share the human body is cleared of carcinogens. Pear fruit is a favorite of many people, it is not only juicy and rich in vitamins, dietary fiber and calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and other trace elements. Often Chili, not only can prevent constipation, but also to promote the discharge of carcinogenic substances in the human body. The researchers carried out tests on smokers, let them four days in a row eating 750 grams a day pear and pear measured before and after urine metabolites of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 1 – hydroxy-pyrene. It was found that smoking six hours after Chili, the human bleed 1 – OHP will be a substantial discharge urine; If you do not eat pears 1 – hydroxypyrene rarely discharged. The heated pear juice contains a lot of anti-cancer substances polyphenols, to mice injected with carcinogens such as pear juice drink, can emit large amounts in the urine of rats 1 – hydroxypyrene toxins. Pears have rid the body of the test to prove the efficacy of carcinogens, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of cancer. Although the sweet pear, but its content is very low in calories and fat, eat more pears in the elderly, can help purify the body organs, soften blood vessels. Chili also anorexia, dyspepsia, colitis, chronic pharyngitis and other diseases have some secondary effects. Experts advise, pears though is to remove human carcinogen of good fruit, but also should not eat, cough, abdominal Leng Tong, spleen, loose stools, and mothers should be Shensi. Pear diuretic effect, nocturia to bed to eat pears. Pears containing acid and more acid more people, but also can not eat.

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