The benefits of chewing gum

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Saliva contains a large number of trace elements, can promote the remineralization of tooth enamel is damaged, thus preventing the further development of tooth decay. So say “fluid” is not only able to “quench thirst”, more moth. Saliva is a mouthpiece guards, and chewing are favorable secretion protect teeth. Research confirms that chewing sugarless gum is a very effective and sustained Accelerator saliva, saliva flow can chew in the first minute after they reach 12 times the usual traffic, improve saliva pH, enhanced buffering capacity. So “after chewing sugar-free gum after meals and snacks,” has become the most effective, feasible and convenient mouthpiece proposition. After a meal or snack, chewing sugarless gum 20 minutes the pH of the mouth can be kept at a safe level, significantly reducing the risk of suffering from dental caries. For just dentition pupils who develop good oral hygiene habits and snack stick postprandial sugar-free gum after chewing, good healthy teeth easily.

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