Middle-aged men should not ignore body problem

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Brain, heart, liver and other vital organs of the physiological function of middle-aged people are unknowingly recession, cellular immunity, the body’s ability to regenerate and endocrine function is declining. Middle-aged headache, fever, cough, fatigue, backache, leg pain, bloody diarrhea and other symptoms do not pay attention, left unchecked, endure it, eventually delay the delay, causing severe. Therefore, when the body sick, you should go to the hospital for treatment earlier, as soon as possible to restore health and avoid serious illness caused by ill dyed hard-boiled body. Fatigue is a need to restore the body’s normal response to physical strength and energy, and also it has an automatic control signals and warnings. If measures are not taken immediately by a warning, then the body will overwork, crippling. So, when the middle-aged feel there is whole body fatigue, muscle aches, dizziness, mental retardation, lack of energy, palpitations, heart rate, rapid breathing and other symptoms, stop “hard boiled” down. It should be noted immediately and rest, not stay up late, not doing campaign work; thought to relax, to be broad-minded, to feel comfortable, do not worry because some of the chores, not too much care about personal gains and losses, health measures should be taken as soon as possible, eliminate physical and mental fatigue. Water is a substance the body needs most, middle-aged man must cultivate the habit of regular drinking, drinking 6-8 cups a day is appropriate. Thirst is the body of water signal, which means that the body cells in a dehydrated state, if ignored, hard boil down will affect health. Do not postpone eating time, otherwise it may cause gastrointestinal contractions, abdominal pain, severe low blood sugar, shaking hands and knees, dizziness, and even coma, shock. Hunger often do not eat, can lead to ulcer disease, gastritis, indigestion embolism.

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