Bedtime Care


Brush your teeth before going to bed is more important than in the morning, not only to clear the mouth sediments, and help protect the teeth, but also help to sleep soundly; After watching TV, wash your face, wiped his body to protect the skin clean and make sleep comfortable and relaxed. Calmly walk 10-20 minutes, which makes the blood circulation to the surface, the skin can get to sleep, “living” in maintenance. After reading newspaper does not lie, does not consider the issue, so that brain activity decreases quickly go to sleep. Milk contains l-tryptophan to promote sleep. 1 hour before bedtime cup of milk with honey, can sleep aids. Honey helps to keep blood sugar balance all night to avoid waking. In the bedroom to keep the air fresh, wind or cold weather, you can open for a while, before going to bed and then shut to help sleep soundly. But do not pay attention when the head covered with a quilt to sleep.


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