Refrigerator not disinfector


Due to long-term storage of food without a refrigerator regularly cleaned, will breed many bacteria, food storage, if extended, although the appearance looks fresh, but in fact has changed. According to scientific tests: For cooked meat in the refrigerator storage time should not exceed 4 days. Common food preservation refrigerator refrigeration temperature of 4 to 8 ℃, in this environment, the majority of bacterial growth will slow. But some bacteria was addicted to cold, such as Yersinia, Listeria monocytogenes at this temperature but can rapidly multiply, if eating food infected with these bacteria, can cause intestinal illness. Refrigerator and freezer box, the temperature is generally around minus 18 ℃, at this temperature, most bacteria will be inhibited or killed, so it has better food stored inside Preservation. But it does not mean completely frozen sterilization, still some frost ability of bacteria to survive. So, from another perspective, if you do not regularly disinfect the refrigerator, it will become some bacteria “hotbed.” Any food not too long in the refrigerator storage time, it is best to do with the buy with food, because the storage time is too long, it will affect the food delicious, and easy to produce odor. Some fruits, such as bananas, apples, etc., if you put a long time also perishable, once the deterioration will emit a harmful gas. Refrigerator, do not store food too much, which would allow food outside temperature is low and the internal temperature is high leading to deterioration.



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