Three of exercise is not conducive to the health of the elderly


Many older people think the morning air is good for exercise. In fact, before the sun came out, the higher the carbon dioxide content of the air, poor air quality, so the morning exercise should be arranged in an hour after the sun came out the best. Expert advice: the best choice for older people to exercise in the afternoon or evening activities most appropriate. Especially when you have enough to eat a meal, the elderly increased cardiac load, postprandial exercise on the cardiovascular system have a significant negative effect. Therefore, the elderly should avoid exercise immediately after a meal, exercise time should be carried out in an hour or two hours after a meal before. What people do exercise programs are scrambling to learn this habit is very bad. The elderly should be based on their age, illness, physical, personal preferences, choose the right sport and physical activity, gradual, sustained, otherwise it will be self-defeating. In addition, the elderly need to ensure adequate sleep, diet and nutrition, sufficient to ensure a comprehensive vitamin and mineral intake, in order for the movement to achieve the desired effect.


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