Method one minute fitness


After waking up in the morning, with both hands pulled the bed, a little harder, then relax, so activity 1 minute, can Shujin, take heart. After the morning, very casually waving his arms in the air and draw an arc in turn, insisted one minute, if sustained, will make your arms move freely. When brushing your teeth, toothbrush and try not to move his head from side to side, swinging one minute each time you brush your teeth, make your neck muscles get exercise. Long desk workers, one hour walk up the best one minute intervals, stretch your muscles and joints, so that the mind and eyes relax for a while. This will not only eliminate fatigue, and can prevent muscle strain, hemorrhoids embolism. When watching TV at home, you can take off your shoes, feet rubbing back and forth on the Coca-Cola bottle, the bottle prismatic fringes of a special foot massage, foot to relax, improve blood circulation. Spare time, use 1 minute vigil does not move, bend down, upper body vertical ground easily, maintaining this state for a few seconds, then slowly got up, so a section of ridge land for straight, make ruddy, exempt lower back pressure.


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