Erroneous concept of life


To raise the chin when nosebleeds, this approach is not the only advantage nosebleed flow on the floor, but it will not stop a nosebleed, but let nosebleed flow into the throat, and may even cause vomiting and choking. The correct approach is a group of small cotton balls stuffed in the nosebleeds nostrils, gently press the nose and head forward, or in an ice towel around his neck or wet towel can stop the bleeding. Shaving armpit sweat no effect prevents generation, but rather after shaving armpit hair, armpits because the discharged water can not hide while leaving perspiration on clothes. Moreover, it is likely to cause scraping armpit hair root abscess. The correct approach is to break down before cleaning sweating armpit sweat can. Khan is no taste. However, many organic substances contained in perspiration, these substances are concerned with bacterial nutrient, but the bacterial decomposition of sweat, exudates will produce unpleasant. Brush your teeth immediately after eating, make food acid erosion of enamel, this will only strengthen the damaging effects of acidic foods on the teeth. The correct approach is to first rinse, half an hour after brushing. Most bacteria are hiding in the home of the inner wall of the drain in the refrigerator, the amount of bacteria on the cloth is also more than the toilet.


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