Summer sports against sports injury


Warming up before exercise should be fully:
1 do the preparation work, especially before a more vigorous exercise, the best warm-up activities of the body, may be appropriate to do some stretching movements such as running, jumping, let the body muscles and joints in a relaxed state.
2 strengthen the vulnerable parts of the training. Step by step to strengthen the vulnerable parts or relatively weak parts of the training, improve their functions, is a positive means of prevention of sports injury.
3 moderate and reasonable choice of mode of motion, for strong motion. Such as football, basketball and other such projects, attention should be paid to physical strength, not too hard, and remained relatively the tension, violence against sudden external action.
The 4 sick period, according to their health condition, reduce or even eliminate the daily physical exercise, healed after recovery period, and then gradually increase the amount of exercise.
Professor Yang Maowei reminded: pay attention to relax the activity should exercise: through the muscle ligament stretching, breathing adjustment method of relaxation the stress response of body temperature, heart rate, respiration, muscle, ligament returned to normal level before exercise, after exercise, can help the body in motion recovery.
Sports school self protection:
1 in a safe environment, choose the sports environment safety and sports facilities, sports equipment and protective equipment selecting different movements by using knowledge and skills, learning in different projects in different environments.
2 when the sports injury caused by strenuous exercise or some reason, in a timely manner to secure the injured area, then according to the injured site and the degree of their own, promptly and effectively carry out the necessary treatment. By running the injury, it is best not to walk everywhere, so as not to aggravate the condition.
The 3 exercise cope with the comprehensive training, not for a specific action repeated practice, the specific position of practice would increase the likelihood that the sites of injury.
4 in the process of exercise, exercise should gradually increase the exercise load and increase the exercise time, in order to prevent the body cannot adapt and lead to sports injury.
The 5 exercise must differ from man to man. Gender, age, physical, technical proficiency, activity and methods should also be different.


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  1. ibear says:

    Summer, although hot, but does not prevent people who love sports Perspiration came down like raindrops. enjoy hot weather exercise feeling. The expert reminds, summer sports should beware of sports injury, can not ignore the motion the preparatory activities and the movement of the self protection.

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