Vitamin c can prevent colds


A lot of vitamin C (500 mg to 1000 mg) can effectively help synthesize antibodies, activated white blood cells, comprehensively enhance the body’s resistance. Dose of vitamin C can be increased neutrophil and lymphocyte bactericidal and antiviral ability clinically proven cold prevention vitamin C is effective in large doses, especially allergic children, taking 500 mg per day of vitamin C used to improve immunity, reduce the incidence of colds. Moreover, even has a cold, high doses of vitamin C can also help shorten the duration of colds, relieve cold symptoms. Although capable of vitamin C in the diet of fruits and vegetables intake, but appropriately replenished from drugs or have some scientific reason, it is because people are changing recipes daily intake of vitamin C is not very uniform, if supplemented from drugs would be more balanced. Vitamin C products on the market today many forms, such as some high content of vitamin C effervescent tablets, used for the prevention of colds, children taking only 1/4 to 1/2 a day; Just put the pill cup, add cold water (heated water will destroy vitamin C), it becomes a cup of orange drink, drink, both comfortable and convenient.


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