How to eat breakfast protect the stomach


To protect the stomach first eat a good breakfast. How to eat a good breakfast protect the stomach? After a night’s sleep, the human body store glucose has been exhausted, then the urgent need to replenish their energy and nutrients in the morning without eating, you can not make up for the loss of water and nutrients at night, so that blood viscosity increases, is not conducive to a night-generated waste discharge, thereby increasing the risk of stones and stroke, the risk of myocardial infarction. Breakfast to be heated in the morning the body muscles, nerves and blood vessels are also showing the state of contraction, if this time you eat or drink cold food again, make each system more contracture in vivo blood flow more ring true. With reasonable refers to rich moisture and nutrients. Should enjoy a hot breakfast porridge, hot oatmeal, hot goat milk, hot curry, hot milk, sesame paste, mountain ones, and so on, and then matched with eating vegetables, bread, sandwiches, fruit, snacks and so on. Milk easy phlegm, easy to allergies, less suitable trachea, stomach, skin, poor people and humid climates people drink. Cereals in the body can quickly break down into glucose, low blood sugar may occur after correcting the night, and improve the vitality of the brain and the body’s milk, soy milk nutrient utilization. The right amount of protein and fat, eggs, soy products, lean meat, peanuts, etc., not only can the food stays in the stomach longer, but also makes the whole morning full of energy. Fruits and vegetables, which not only complements the water-soluble vitamins and fiber, but also in meat, eggs, cereals and other foods in the body’s acid radical oxidation, acid-base balance.


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