Skin health mysteries


Do every day, at least a glass of water each morning and evening. Morning cup can clean the intestinal tract. Supplement the loss of water at night, evening cup of blood is able to guarantee overnight because of water shortage will not be too sticky. Blood viscosity will speed up the oxygen, pigment deposition in the brain, so come early aging. Therefore, the role of drinking water every night can not be underestimated. In fruits and vegetables, tomatoes are the highest content of vitamin C, so at least a day to ensure a tomato, meet the daily requirement of vitamin C. Vinegar can delay the occurrence of hardening of the arteries, has been repeated many times health awareness. If your residence is hard tap water, you can put a little vinegar in the wash water every day, you can play the role of beauty. Calcium perspective, fat bear is most likely a group of calcium, and calcium milk is better than any kind of food, especially yogurt, more easily absorbed by the body, so fat bear should guarantee a cup of yogurt a day. Must be a veritable mineral, trace elements and minerals it contains skin needs most. After washing the face supine, with a clean mineral water soaked gauze, then apply to the face, to be soaked gauze to dry again, and so forth, is equivalent to the face once did a nutritional supplement of trace elements. Fat Bear must drink tea, if no stomach problems, green tea and oolong tea is best. Especially those who want to lose weight fat bear, tea is the most natural and most effective weight loss agent, then nothing more than tea to eliminate intestinal fat. Every night before going to sleep, do a simple mask, its role is to be deposited in the face to eliminate dirt out, and make the skin as a “tight movement”, and then coated with skin care products, so that the skin of the evening to get most scientific repair. Also to note is that the sleep time is not too late, especially more than 23:00, as from 22:00 to 5:00 the next morning is the best time to repair the skin while sleeping repair to be effective. If you sleep longer than midnight, even the next day too late again, and then a long sleep, has missed the best skin care time.


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