Vegetables can protect men’s health


Broccoli can protect the male prostate, except broccoli, cauliflower belong cruciferous, purple cabbage, anti-cancer effects are not bad, men should also eat more. A scientific experiment confirmed: the subjects of the study were divided into two groups, respectively, per week, four edible broccoli or peas. The results showed that eating broccoli in a patient’s body to a “cancer gene”, fully confirmed eat broccoli can protect the male prostate. Tomatoes not only rich in vitamin C, contain lycopene There are “clear” the gland, the role of prevention of prostate disease. Spinach contains trace elements of magnesium, can muscle carbohydrates into available energy, to increase the effect of male muscle strength. Of course, for men, spinach and more significant advantage is that folic acid and iron can promote the synthesis of red blood cells and improve blood oxygen carrying capacity, speed up blood circulation.


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