Teeth three conditions prompted three diseases


Often found bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, and sometimes nibble food, also left a bloodstain found above, which may be related liver disease. This phenomenon is common in patients with chronic liver disease, mainly due to the liver cell damage, liver dysfunction of coagulation factors, coagulation disorder occurs then. Hepatitis patients bleeding gums can take vitamin C, vitamin K and other hemostatic agents to alleviate the condition. Loose teeth were mostly middle-aged, with the arrival of menopause, bone status decline, more and more low bone density. Loose teeth alveolar bone loss was primarily due to non-solid, serious systemic osteoporosis and alveolar bone osteoporosis is very likely to occur. We can advance the prevention, such as early dietary calcium intake, often knocking teeth and so on. Many diabetics have this experience: teeth get longer! The reason is that saliva is high in sugar diabetes, is conducive to bacterial growth, while elevated levels of calcium in saliva, but also easy to form stones, which will allow risk of illness periodontal disease, dental caries and other diseases increased. Teeth begins to grow, but the actual result of gum recession.


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