Men’s Health weaknesses


According to clinical statistics, men suffering from myocardial infarction and hospitalization is 7-10 times higher than women. The disease is mainly due to excessive fat and heavy smoking, drinking caused, in addition, work stress, the mood is one of the causes of the trouble. Chronic hepatitis patients, men are four times higher than women. The main reason is drinking. Daily maximum liver can break down alcohol conversion 60-80, more than this amount will be harmful to the liver. Another high-fat foods is also very detrimental to the liver. Men generally eat fat and protein than women, medical research shows that in the absence of adequate cellulose-containing foods, while eating too much fat and protein is an important cause of colorectal cancer. Men like drinking, smoking, drinking coffee, the men at the table devoured, the men often eat too much, however, when men enjoy express their stomach protests are to pour; stomach pain, vomiting, vomiting, Ai acid … … medical study found that the incidence of stomach males than females average 6.2 times higher. According to the study, men 50 years of age, about 60% of people with prostate disease. The reason is that the secretion of androgenic steroids glands surrounding the urethra leaving changed is increased. Enlarged prostate was pressed into a flat shape, and then compress the bladder and cause difficulty urinating.


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