How to improve the human immune system?


Most of the body’s immune system depends on genes, but also a great impact on the environment, including diet can have a big influence. Scientific research concluded that maintaining the vitality of the human immune system depends mainly on food. Some food ingredients can help stimulate the immune system, increasing immunity. The lack of these nutrients, it will seriously affect the function of the body’s immune system. Balanced nutrition can not only meet the body’s needs, but also to prevent disease, strengthen immunity plays an important role, the right amount of protein, vitamin E, vitamin C, carotene, vitamin B, zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium and other substances can increase the body the number of immune cells. The body’s own immune system is the best “prevention and doctors’ human disease. The right amount of exercise can promote the body’s internal circulation and endocrine, promote the upgrading of human organs function, remained at a high level, thus effectively improving the body’s own immune system. Anxiety and pessimism will adversely affect the body’s autonomic, thus affecting the endocrine system and the immune system, resulting in a sharp decline over time the immune system. Anxiety affects the body’s immune system, leaving germs lurk in the body for a long time to get the opportunity. If a long time in anxiety and pessimism, the body might be causing more damage. The mood in the human body, its activities will change the internal organs such as the heart beat stronger and more uniform, increased lung capacity, gastrointestinal smooth muscle motility rate, respiration, digestion, circulation systems have been well developed, enhanced immune function of the body, people becomes radiant. Good mood can physiological functions in the best condition, otherwise it will reduce some of the physiological functions, so that the body’s immune system disorder, causing various diseases. Therefore, we should learn to be tolerant of people humility, open-minded, cheerful disposition, to maintain a good mood. Specific “stress management” techniques, such as meditation, relaxation and sleep, gives rise to a sense of well-being, thereby affecting the coordinating role of blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension and so sympathetic.


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