Be Sunshine SPA


Ten o’clock and four o’clock sun is best, when the sun’s infrared strong UV weak, can promote metabolism, but also to avoid injury to the skin; 4-5 pm ultraviolet beam of X multi-component, can promote calcium, phosphorus absorption, enhance physical fitness, to promote normal bone calcification. Note that no more than one hour each time the sun. Research shows that across the glass, the UV radiation transmission less than 50%, if the window is at a distance of 4 meters, less than 2% UV outdoors. So virtually no effect across the glass in the sun. Should selectively to some of the green is good, the sun and fresh air of the park, on the terrace is also available. Do not wear white clothes, especially strong summer ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet reflective white clothes will be exposed to the face or arm, the skin injury. Best to wear red clothing because red dress longwave radiation can quickly “eat” highly lethal UV-C. Do not wear a hat, otherwise block the sun, the sun loses meaning. If the fear of glare, you can wear sunglasses. Before the sun should not eat mustard, purslane, Malan head, figs, so as not to cause photosensitivity eruption or dermatitis. After the sun to drink more water, eat more fruits, vegetables, vitamin C, which can inhibit melanin production.


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