How to choose the right toothpaste


Carbohydrate foods such as bacteria and the interaction of teeth, the acid produced will erode the enamel to form cavities. American Dental Association recommend, if you want to prevent tooth decay, to choose a toothpaste containing fluoride minerals, which can form a protective film on the surface of the tooth, resist the erosion of acid. If tooth decay or gum sensitivity is not caused by infection, it is because brushing intensity is too large, causing the gums sensitive or exposed root. This should select desensitizing dentifrice composition containing, as strontium chloride or potassium nitrate, the two substances can relieve the pain caused by tooth hypersensitivity. Plaque will harden to form tartar or calculus. Once tartar formation, then carefully brushing does not help, can only help to remove the dentist. Tartar prevention is very important, you should choose toothpaste containing pyrophosphate or zinc citrate and other ingredients. When selecting cleaning dentures creams, effervescent as much as possible, by soaking clean dentures more effective than brushing.


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