Liver disease and food


Chocolate, sugar and a variety of sweets, can not eat in a day, eating too much can make the enzyme secretion of gastrointestinal disorders, affecting appetite; easily fermented sugar can aggravate flatulence, and easily converted to fat, accelerate liver fat storage, and promote the occurrence of fatty liver. Instant noodles, sausages and canned foods may contain human body, such as food coloring and preservatives unfavorable, regular consumption will increase the burden on the liver metabolism and detoxification functions. Wheat and potato foods contain small amounts of nitrous natural substances, but because less of the healthy people can not play sedation. Chronic liver disease and consumption of such foods as usual, due to liver dysfunction, the body can not put food contains natural sedative timely decomposition cleared, causing nitrogen compounds accumulate in the body of food. When a certain amount of these substances can cause the patient lethargy, stupor and coma. Therefore, the researchers noted that patients with chronic liver disease, in addition to the use of synthetic nitrogen contraindicated drugs outside, nor should eat natural sedative substances containing such wheat and potato foods.


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