The benefits of the elderly often eat bananas


Bananas contain large amounts of soluble fiber that can help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, maintain intestinal health, good body of environmental protection, adhere to eat a banana before going to sleep at night can effectively relieve chronic constipation. Bananas contain a chemical that can stimulate gastric resistance, and enhance the protection of the stomach, can prevent the occurrence of gastric ulcers. For some drinking friends need to socialize, eat a banana before the wine can be the first. Bananas contain A, B, C, E and other vitamins, and is low sodium and cholesterol, eat can effectively control hardening of the arteries, reducing blood pressure and blood cholesterol. The study found that bananas which are rich in tryptophan and vitamin B6, into the human body, can make the brain produce a color ammonia, prompting people to change the mood of people excited, to reduce or eliminate human emotions deep depression. Bananas contain large amounts of carbohydrates (starch), is a high-calorie fruits and absorb easily in a short time, it is also a lot of players in the game to supplement energy reasons banana and chocolate choice. Banana peel contains fungi and bacteria can inhibit the growth and reproduction of the banana skin pigment, various skin itching caused by the ringworm with a banana peel paint coating, can reduce the symptoms of winter dry skin, cracking, coating with three banana pulp five times Jiyu. For the beauty of the crush can be mashed bananas (do not use mixer) will do the film after the mask or facial and body wash. Apply after 20 minutes, adding a little water with milk banana mask, wash membrane, the skin becomes smooth and delicate at once. Despite the many advantages of bananas, but over the weak stomach, do not fit to eat. Patients with diabetes should eat less and lose weight.


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