Simple health care approach


Apple contains a dozen nutrients help inhibit breast cancer, liver cancer and colon cancer cells, so best not to eat the apple peeler. However, medical experts have suggested people only eat organic apple skin, because the skin there is an ordinary apple pesticide residues. Drink two cups of green tea a day for the elderly in a variety of mental tests in better performance, but green tea drink more, better mental performance tests. Lavender essential oil or rosemary oil scent can reduce the body’s stress hormone cortisol. This hormone not only cause high blood pressure, but also suppress the immune system. The scent of lavender or rosemary can also help sleep, but will make people look younger. Pistachio nuts have the effect of lowering total cholesterol, especially the can is known as “bad cholesterol,” said the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol decreased by about 11.6%. But note that 1 ounce (about 31 grams) pistachios heat up to 160 calories, so do not eat too much. If you want to strengthen dietary intake of antioxidants, avocados, dried figs and fruit salad three kinds of food are good choices. In terms of physical activity, experts recommend sticking to the daily slow abdominal breathing, often stretching the legs, keep your head straight, which will help build muscle and avoid headaches. Day to eat a bowl of whole grain cereal for breakfast, which can reduce diabetes, asthma and heart disease risk. It should also be eating an egg a day, and develop with buckwheat honey instead of sugar habit.


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