Should not have the habit of daily


1 Do not wait until the sick before going to the hospital, the body should be checked regularly.
2 Many people do not eat breakfast or do not eat on time, on the grounds that hungry. Physiology tells us that the food in the stomach after four to five hours after emptying all. Gastric hunger have begun to feel “digest” the gastric mucosa, and regular diet, balanced nutrition, health care is an essential material basis.
3. Usually do not drink, thirsty before drinking water, many people’s habits. In fact, the role of water in human metabolism is more important than food. Thirsty indicate when water body has to a certain extent. Clinical findings, rarely drinking man, suffering from constipation, urinary tract stones probability there will be significantly higher than the drinking habits of people.
4 about a person’s life time 1/3 is spent in sleep, sleep is an important metabolic activity of physiological processes. Only to develop good sleep habits, to ensure at least seven hours of sleep a day, in order to maintain the normal operation of the biological clock. But some people are not going to bed on time, but without restraint, not sleepy not sleep, even sleepy also struggling. This is not conducive to the protection of the brain, more likely to cause insomnia, over time, damage to life.
5. Tired before going to bed is many people’s habits. In fact, the body tired feeling very tired, then rest it was too late. Should develop the habit of resting also not tired, do not overly overdraft physical, mental.


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