Skin Care Mistakes


Many people think that as long as the length of the acne, and certainly not completely clean a relationship, so crazy face scrub, in fact, this will only make your acne skin more vulnerable to injury. The correct way is: the emergence of acne, there may be symptoms of sensitive skin, hair or because of pressure from adult acne, this time to see a doctor. I suggest you read the physician what kind of care the way, what kind of care products and drugs, you then take action. But not blindly shoved rub Zhidou products, or exfoliating or deep cleansing, these will be more irritating to the skin. Inflammation, to stop makeup, is inflammation of the skin is very sensitive and should be the first stop makeup. Such skin to be able to breathe easy and free, and slowly recover. If you use cosmetics, will only make the skin more injured. Already inflamed sensitive skin, even if the powder can not be docile, but also because airtight and lead to increased sensitivity, the makeup is best not to let the skin rest days; thick sticky skin care products for sensitive skin is a burden do not use. Too much oil too moisturizing skin care products, easy to irritate sensitive skin, and is not easily absorbed, “emulsion” The texture is more than suitable for sensitive skin cream and essence. Do not rub foaming cleanser will firmly attached to the skin surface sebum membrane damage. The correct way is: first add water and rub the foaming cleanser, because foam detergent can play after the cleaning effect, but milder than not foaming foamy emulsion. When first face wash T word parts, cheeks glossed over it with warm water wash. Sensitive skin and be sure to rub sunscreen on bail milk. “Itch” is the most common symptoms of sensitive skin, why itching, the biggest reason is dry. Only sufficient moisture for the skin, in order to alleviate allergy symptoms and help cells recover, rubbing sunscreen to prevent skin damage by ultraviolet light.


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