Situation can not eat watermelon


Watermelon about sugary 5% and mainly glucose, fructose, sucrose and some will cause blood sugar after eating watermelon to say. Because normal people will promptly secrete insulin, can make blood sugar, urine sugar remained at normal levels. And diabetes is different, watermelon eating too much in a short time, not only the blood sugar will rise, severe illness may also occur due to metabolic disorders caused acidosis. Therefore, men with diabetes can not eat watermelon. Some people suffer from renal insufficiency, the water discharge their own function decline, but also often accompanied by lower extremity edema, generalized edema and even serious symptoms if these men eat watermelon, a lot of water intake will , and so that these can not be excreted good retention in the body weight will increase edema, increased blood volume, so edema, induced acute heart failure. Oral ulcers are considered in Chinese medicine is yin deficiency, virtual fire caused the disturbance. The watermelon diuretic, if those who eat watermelon mouth ulcers, mouth ulcers water will be needed to recover excessive discharge, thereby increasing the deficiency and heat, making difficult to heal ulcers. Therefore, if suffering from mouth ulcers, please do not eat watermelon.


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