Buffet health


Whether to eat Western-style buffet, eat cold dishes are in line etiquette. To eat salad vegetables to eat seafood. First, because both food nutritious, low in calories. If you just started to suck Jiang Zhouzi, pork meat so Weihou fatty foods, probably behind could not eat it. Second, the ratio of raw salad vegetables stewed, fried vegetables fresher. When eating salad, you can choose more and more sour, spicy, mustard-flavored dishes, appetizers can answer tired. You can pick the most vegetarian dish, meat dish can only take thirty-four. Many people feel very healthy soup before eating a buffet, in fact, not at all. Because buffet soup may contain a lot of salt and fat, Western-style soup if it is, then the fat even more, and staple soup before eating, it is easy to eat. Hot dishes are the main food on the table, it is recommended to choose according to food groups, fish, shrimp, beef, chicken and other meat, it’s best to take two, each not more than two; vegetarian take 1-2 species, may be appropriate earn more. Tofu, yuba and other soy products can also choose it. To eat vegetables, eat half semi-prime meat, and finally eat chunks of meat, such as steaks, pork chops, etc. Before might eat a lot of fish and seafood, an urgent need to staple foods rich in carbohydrates to help digestion. In addition, hot dishes often taste rich, eating more will feel dry mouth, stomach discomfort. Eat light staple, you can soothe the stomach, reducing salt and fat intake. The best is the staple food grains, such as corn meal, steamed taro, steamed yams, etc. Some varieties can miscellaneous. But it must be light, do not eat fried rice, fried packages such as oil, salt and more.


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