Healthy food mix


With sesame seaweed, put them cook together, can play the role of beauty, anti-aging. Because sesame seeds can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, regulate cholesterol which has the function of linoleic acid, vitamin E, but also anti-aging. Kelp contains calcium and iodine, can play for blood purification. Promote the synthesis of thyroid hormone, both unity multiplier effect. Beef with potatoes, beef, high nutritional value, and the role of the spleen and stomach. But beef is rough, and sometimes destroy the gastric mucosa, with potatoes cook, not only tasty, and the potatoes are rich in vitamins, can play a role in protecting the gastric mucosa. Brown rice with coffee, steamed brown rice ground into powder, plus coffee, milk, sugar can drink, nutritious brown rice, for the treatment of hemorrhoids, constipation, high blood pressure has a good effect; coffee refreshing, mixed with brown rice, more flavor. Lean meat with garlic, meat ingredients containing vitamin B, and vitamin B in the body to stay for a short time, and then eat garlic when meat, not only can improve the precipitation amount of vitamin B several times, but also make it the original water-soluble nature of the changed nature of lipid-soluble, vitamin B thus prolonging the residence time in the body, so that as soon as possible to promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue and increase physical fitness and others have important nutritional significance, therefore, meat time, do not forget to eat several cloves of garlic.


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