Most scientific eating schedule


Breakfast ─ ─ 7:00

Then you might also “sleep” in bed, your body temperature may actually have started to rise, pulse began to accelerate, sympathetic become increasingly active, have also started functioning digestive function, gastrointestinal tract in the awake state, can most efficiently digestion and absorption of food nutrients, is the best time for breakfast.

Snacks ─ ─ 10:30

You know, at this time in the morning between 7:00 to 10:00, and your body’s metabolic rate faster than at other times 40%. So, when you need to eat some low-fat carbohydrates to replenish energy, to help you concentrate and maintain a positive working condition.

Lunch ─ ─ 12:30

His colleagues began to get up, this is your body’s energy demand is greatest when is the best time to eat lunch. At this point your body to digest the gastrointestinal tract has been far less enthusiasm breakfast time, so meals need to slowly, absolutely not while staring at a computer while eating lunch. Not only easy to gain weight, it can not absorb nutrients.

Tea ─ ─ 15:30

This is also the need to immediately replenish energy when glucose levels in the body because you have been greatly reduced, not only slower thinking, irritability, anxiety and other negative emotions have begun to take hold, if we do not replenish energy, your work is very difficult to smooth and pleasant carried out any longer.

Dinner ─ ─ 18:30

Dinner must be solved in four hours before bedtime, it is a food in the gastrointestinal tract the time required for complete digestion and absorption. Otherwise, go to sleep with undigested food, not only the accumulation of fat, your sleep quality will be greatly affected.


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