Neurasthenia performance


Neurasthenia patients with severe weakening of self-control, character becomes irritable and easily angered, emotional instability. Patients often angry because of some trivial things or sad, tears, knowing that is wrong, but can not be restrained. Sometimes it seems to become very selfish, just myself, a little unhappy to much dissatisfaction, Daihatsu Ray Chambers. So often with family, colleagues trouble, can not live in harmony. Severe neurasthenia patients can not relax, eliminate fatigue, but mental arousal, would involuntarily imagination, past scenes show in front of eyes watching TV, are often put their own mind movie. This should be especially before sleeping meditation sleep, and the patient involuntarily recall, Lenovo back, nervous excitement can not sleep, deep distress. There are also patients around the sound, light Tamiflu flu, preoccupied with its strength changes lead to distress. Due to enhanced susceptibility increased excitability of the nervous system, receptors and the receptors, neurasthenia patients often severe dizziness, headache or head confining sense. Touch, pain and temperature sensation is also extremely sensitive, slightly stronger stimulus would not stand. Patients with longer duration of symptoms of autonomic dysfunction can occur, such as sweating, cold extremities, bloating or menstrual disorders. Tachycardia, extrasystoles, high or low blood pressure; diarrhea and constipation. Since the inhibition weakened when subjected to internal and external stimuli, nerve cells excitable neurasthenia patients, excessive energy consumption, so long, the patient showed a series of debilitating symptoms: patients often feel lack of energy, malaise, not with the brain or mental retardation, can not concentrate, memory loss, decreased work efficiency. Usually caused by tension, with the most common tension headaches. Patient felt heavy head, stretching, head pressed flu, or neck stiffness, and some also reflected back, limbs, muscle pain. This pain is no significant relationship between the degree of fatigue that can not be alleviated let rest. Pain performance is often very complex. In general, patients with neurasthenia nervous pain performance range, but is closely related to emotional stress. Although vent negative behavior, but you can attract positive results. Cry, run a, talk, etc. are declared diarrhea methods used properly, can receive a certain effect. Transfer is unfortunately too scattered to focus on the patient, sublimation is a more positive psychological defense measures, requiring the patient to the brave, steadfast and optimistic attitude towards difficulties and crises, disasters and misfortune brought about the psychological setback transfer sublimation to eliminate Unfortunately power.


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