Tea and coffee can not drink while


Theophylline and caffeine have similar effects on the heart contained in tea and coffee, which increases heart rate and improve myocardial contractility, causing increase in myocardial oxygen consumption. In addition, theophylline and caffeine also stimulate the brain, so that the body appeared uneasy, excitement and insomnia. This will not only hinder the quiet rest myocarditis, but also can aggravate myocardial damage, causing severe arrhythmia. So myocarditis patients should be forbidden to drink coffee and tea. Tea and espresso contained a large number of theophylline and caffeine can be excited central nervous, cardiovascular, causing rapid heartbeat, arrhythmias, myocardial oxygen consumption increased, can lead to angina, so patients with angina prohibit the consumption of tea, espresso. Tea and coffee are excited about things, not take body temperature rises, otherwise it will cause restlessness. Theophylline in tea can increase the body temperature, and will reduce the pharmacological effects of antipyretic drugs, so consumption should be prohibited. Some people like drinking alcohol, drink a few cups of coffee. In fact, the same drink wine and coffee, is contrary to science. Because alcohol can poison all the cells in the human body. If a person is drinking 75-80 ml ??of alcohol poisoning will occur, drink 250 to 500 ml of alcohol can be lethal. The main component of coffee is caffeine, proper drinking, with exciting, refreshing and stomach action, and excessive drinking, also can cause poisoning. If you drink alcohol and coffee together, will increase the damage to the brain and stimulates the blood vessels to expand, accelerate blood circulation, greatly increase the burden of cardiovascular harm caused many times more pure than drinking.


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