Five kinds of food so that the male body is more robust


Beef liver is one of the most nutrient-rich foods. It contains creatine can promote muscle growth; carnitine to promote fat metabolism and secretion of male hormones; B vitamins are involved in energy metabolism; iron enhances the generation of myoglobin. Bovine contains less than beef fat and calories, and no carbohydrates. On white bread argument is very contradictory. On the one hand are digested and absorbed quickly, thus increasing the body store fat as possible. But on the other hand, the pursuit of fitness enthusiasts muscle volume, rapid consumption of absorption is beneficial. In the rapid consumption of carbohydrate intake before and after training can prevent muscle is broken down, especially when coupled with protein intake while when a few slices of white bread with fat-free cheese to eat can create an internal environment conducive to muscle growth. Fitness training 30 minutes before eating two slices of bread cheese eat after training 3 to 4 slices of bread jam, plus whey protein shakes. Black beans are a way to make you energetic food. Compared with other beans, black beans contain more cellulose, it can effectively fill your stomach and produce satiety, avoiding excessive carbohydrate intake. Meanwhile, black beans contain a structure is very complex carbohydrates into energy in the body when the time will let you maintain a full day of effort. Papaya fruit is a good fit, it is rich in potassium can increase muscle contractility. Papain digestion of proteins promote the role of the protein can improve the absorption, retention and muscle growth. So papaya should have a place in high-protein diet. Raw onion can care for your muscles. Because it can fight harmful free radicals generated by high-intensity training. Too many free radicals can cause inflammation of the muscles, the muscles in the loss of nutrients. When the onions and other nutrients to promote muscle growth together will improve the nutritional intake of muscle uptake.


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