Men’s hair loss prevention programs


For hair loss men should be diligent hair, shampoo.

A day early, middle and late hair 10 times. Side edge comb can massage the scalp to enhance blood supply to hair root and hair nutrition. When best to use wooden or horn hair comb, do not comb wet hair brush when, in order to avoid damage hair. Direction remains unchanged if the comb hair seam remote place, the relationship is often irradiated with sunlight will render special drying or thin. If a separate place to start thinning the paint should be fat milk or pomade, to massage, moisturize dry scalp already. Sometimes it might be separated from the direction of change, not only to enjoy the fun of the hair and to avoid separation of the dry, bald as a result of the trouble.

Shampoo dust can be removed only head itch, help skin breathe head to shampoo 4-7 times a week is appropriate. Best not to use too hot for washing hair, shampoo products should be of high quality shampoo (water), should not use strong degreasing shampoo. Shampoo should rub while wiping edge side massage. After washing the hair with a thick towel pat to the siphoning off the remaining water, best to let the hair dry naturally.

Movement is conducive to relieve stress, improve their immune system, and adequate sleep can promote skin and hair normal metabolism, and the metabolic phase occurs mainly at night, especially between 22:00 to 2:00, this time getting enough sleep, you can make hair normal metabolism. On the contrary, the hair will lose balance metabolism and nutrition alopecia. Suggestion: try to make sleep less than six hours a day, develop a regular sleep habits. Modern work pressure, learning tension, Yongnaoguodu, easy and easy hi sad, these often cause hair loss. People Yongnaoguodu, or often preoccupied, bored, or encountered any thing, the spirit is too tight, so the brain has been a great stimulus, and sometimes also affect the supply of hair nutrition and growth. Because all the activities of the human body is the brain tube is, by stimulating brain activity chaotic pace, not normally play a role, it is bound to make the body’s nutrition is stimulated, hair loss situation occurs. It is recommended that everyone in the daily work and learning, to maintain an optimistic peace of mind, failing excited, work, learn to work and rest.


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  1. ibear says:

    Under normal circumstances, daily hair loss per 60 to 80, the hair shampoo and hair loss occur more frequently, because the fall has not been in the rest of the hair by pulling off, but if one day off hair over 100, causing thinning hair, is a morbid, called alopecia.

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