Fitness for elderly


Back straight, sitting in a chair on the outside of the place; hands crossed behind your head, lift the side of the thigh and then turn down. When leg, knee should be over the navel, each doing 20 to 40. If the waist discomfort, side breath doing. For older legs are not flexible, it can be easy to relieve leg pain and other symptoms. Sitting on the floor, legs bent toward the chest close to the direction, clutching his knees, bent body as a whole, in order to shake; rocking back and forth as much as possible the body, each doing 1 to 3, 5 to 10 groups were done. This exercise can stimulate the back and waist capillaries, effectively alleviate back pain. Before the old man doing these sports, the best first amount of blood pressure, physical condition allowed under the conditions, and exercise. In sports, if shortness of breath embolism occurs, you should stop immediately. Is actually a variant push-ups, doing the action, knees and hands touch the ground, his hands slightly wider than shoulder width; to the knee as a fulcrum edge suction side bent arms, chest as close to the ground; side breath edge straight arm, each doing 10, exercises 1-3 times. Movement, to look away from the front, if the distance between the changes hands, their effect will be different. If the distance between his hands slightly wider than shoulders, chest muscles can get a good workout; If the distance between his hands slightly narrower in the shoulder, arm muscles get a good workout. This variant of the support arm push-ups not only can reduce the burden, but also effectively relieve pain in the shoulder and arm.


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