Few things hurt immunity


Job insecurity, and so often been urged pressure will lead to reduction in the number of T cells, reduced immunity. Experts suggest that when the mood under stress should be appropriate for a run, doing yoga, listening to music, which helps reduce stress and relax. Public pen, phone, especially coins, are an important way to spread germs. Similar to this is that some people do not use the wallet with the money of many bacteria, free throw in a pocket or backpack, make other objects contaminated with bacteria. Experts suggest that the best use of the wallet, and carry a pen. ETS and smoking as harmful to health. United States each year about 3,000 people die due to absorption ETS. Experts suggest that, as far away from environmental tobacco smoke. Practice has proved that: in cars than people who exercise regularly are much lower immunity, easier to get sick. Experts suggest that brisk walking 30 minutes a day, will help improve the white blood cell count. The best is not to be able to walk the car.


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