Four kinds of food should not be stored in the refrigerator


For the onions, potatoes, taro, sweet potato, lotus root, burdock and other vegetables, the best place to save the fridge more often than not, it is best to dry these vegetables in corrugated box, and then placed in a cool light place to save more good. These ingredients if stored in the refrigerator, it is easy because the refrigerator water vapor and becomes soft, it is very easy because the water vapor in the refrigerator become perishable. Melon, grapes, oranges and other citrus fruits and bananas are best not stored in the refrigerator, because once the storage temperature is too low, the fruit will rot in the immature state. If the melon has been cut before the food stored in the fridge for 2-3 hours a chance to eat it, the taste will be more sweet and delicious. The bananas will naturally become dark brown, sweet will be diminished, it is generally stored at room temperature will be better. For most components of honey fructose and glucose, the low temperature storage location is not the best, because at low sugar crystals appear, white component are separated. Native to tropical herbs, basil and other spices very hardy plant, so the preservation process should try to avoid not stored in the refrigerator, dried and placed in the room save.


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