Effective way to improve sleep quality


Bedtime Walking: Before going to bed after dinner, suitable for walking outdoors, breathe fresh air, to help the body to digest, reducing the burden of the body organ after sleeping through a simple physical exercise to give yourself a quiet night’s sleep.

Combing their hair before going to bed: head has a lot of points, combing their hair before going to bed primarily for massage, acupuncture points to stimulate the head, clear head blood circulation, eliminate mental fatigue, allowing the brain to sleep quickly.

Bedtime doing eye exercises: eye fatigue will affect the speed of falling asleep, reduced sleep quality, so do eye massage before bedtime can make the eye or eye exercises to relax, help fast asleep.

Foot hot water before going to bed: before going to bed with a pot of warm water hot hot foot, the foot can relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation foot, so that the people of God rather safe sleep.

Peace of mind: Do not get too excited or agitated at bedtime, do not with emotions, calm the mind to rest. Good attitude naturally rest is good, bad brains cranky attitude is one of the reasons for insomnia.

Suitable sleeping position: Select sleeping own most comfortable sleeping position, so that the body’s muscles to relax, let the body completely liberated. The best beds comfortable, can help quickly fall asleep.

Appropriate sleep environment: before going to bed to create a good sleep environment, first sleep without lights, indoor temperature control between 15 and 20 degrees, no noise, one night before going to bed to ensure that indoor ventilation air quality, etc., bad sleep Habitat is the key factor to ensure the quality of sleep.


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  1. ibear says:

    Poor sleep will not only form a disturbing dark circles, but also endanger our health, the light listlessness, nervous exhaustion, fatigue, severe memory loss, weakness, dizziness, and even affect the heart and lung function.

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