Old man drinking strong tea hazards


As we all know, there are refreshing tea to promote digestion, wholesome role. But health experts advise: If drinking too thick, it will harm the body. For the elderly, the concentration of attention on the protection of drinking their own health is particularly important.

In general, a normal secretion of gastric juice a day is 1.5-2.5 liters, the gastric juice a day can a person be a reasonable intake of food digestion. After a lot of drinking tea will dilute the gastric juice, reduce the concentration of gastric juice, gastric juice can not properly digest food, resulting in indigestion, bloating, abdominal pain embolism, and some may even cause duodenal ulcer.

Strong tea drink prone to constipation disease. The tannic acid in tea can not only be combined with iron, but also combined with the protein in food generate a massive, non-digestible protein absorption tannic acid, resulting in the generation of constipation symptoms. For elderly people suffering from constipation symptoms will make constipation worse.

Strong tea also cause elevated blood pressure and heart failure. Tea caffeine can cause human heartbeat, so that blood pressure; Meanwhile, tea was poured into the blood vessels, will increase the burden on the heart, resulting in chest tightness, heart palpitations and other symptoms, increase the degree of heart failure.


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