Jogging 30 minutes a day most weight loss


Jogging slimming effect, can burn a lot of calories, but there are many considerations. But jogging warm-up exercises to strengthen and enhance ligament flexibility, joint flexibility, or a little carelessness will cause muscle strains, sprains and other sports injuries. After jogging must be soothing movement, because when after intense exercise, a lot of blood will be concentrated in the lower limbs and muscles, stop immediately if there is no match soothing movement, it will affect the blood returning to the heart, and makes the blood retention in the muscle, can not effectively exclusion of lactic acid, prone to insufficient blood supply of the heart and brain, and produce dizziness, fainting phenomenon. Engaged in jogging not be too hasty, we must make adjustments depending on personal physical condition, can not start Rapid Run, recommendations can be brisk walking, jogging small, feel your legs, knees, has been adapted to run the action, and then gradually increase the speed. Started by first running time not too long, just enough to start 30 minutes, and then add 5 to 10 minutes per week, up control within one hour. Body will feel tired after exercise, muscle soreness is normal minor, after the break, will soon disappear, but if muscle soreness for 2 to 3 days, but no improvement, which means that excessive movement led to excessive accumulation of lactic acid metabolites in the blood, The next time you exercise, may be considered to reduce the amount of exercise. During exercise, should always pay attention to add water, can not wait until thirsty to drink water too late to replenish the body of poor people, the situation is likely to be dehydration occurs. Recommended 30 minutes before exercise, drink 300 to 500 ml before; every 20 minutes, and then add 100 to 200 ml; After the end of the exercise, in addition to water, electrolyte drinks can also be selected. After jogging will be a lot of sweat, body electrolytes are out of balance, the antibody will reduce the body’s ability to regulate electrolyte drinks not only replenish the body of water, and to meet the body’s need for minerals.


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