Movement is not more than two hours without drinking sports drinks


When in motion, our bodies will be of great consumption, the consumption of which is the biggest water, sugar and electrolytes, and this time many people will choose to drink sports drinks, hoping to make their body recover faster , then this practice is science? Experts pointed out that, in fact, when the sport if not more than two hours, it is not required to drink a sports drink. Descendants of the body of water sports and some minerals are excreted with the sweat a lot, which is in the spirit of the poor feel tired after exercise reason and, therefore, need to be properly after exercise to the body water, and the need to drink sports drinks depending on the time needed motion and strength may be. Sports drinks containing sugar and trace elements such beverages can add water and electrolytes to make up the body consumes. The carbonated drinks in addition to feel a burst of refreshing, but does not contain trace elements, weak body after sweating does not help. Furthermore, carbonated water, citric acid material is also easy to cause this kind of esophageal acid reflux, acid reflux hyperacidity easy to drink but also make people more severe symptoms of acid reflux. Health experts point out that sports drinks have four characteristics: First, add water; second is to contain nutrients, such as sugar, vitamins and minerals; Third, with functional ingredients; Fourth, no carbonation, no caffeine, no alcohol. Because of these characteristics, can be targeted to replenish nutrients lost during exercise, can serve to maintain, improve exercise capacity and accelerate the elimination of the effects of fatigue after exercise, so the athletes are indispensable for other physical exertion larger people often go to the gym, sweating more people, can be appropriate for drinking. Experts said that high-intensity exercise performed marathon athletes should drink sports drinks. But many ordinary fitness drink sports drinks, excessive intake of calories results, but affect the health effects. Fitness expert Nick Hudson pointed out that if the movement is less than 2 hours, do not need to drink sports drinks.


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  1. ibear says:

    Sports drinks are not suitable for everyone, not hurt, if it is not regular exercise of ordinary people, long-term heavy drinking, will increase the burden on the heart, kidney and other organs.

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