Cosmetic effect of salt


The role of salt deep cleaning, sterilization detoxification, Shu by blood, the convergence of the sebaceous glands, is the preferred salt shampoo for oily hair. You can use kitchen salt can also be used on the market ready shampoo salt. Specifically usage is: if you just greasy scalp, hair also is not too much oil, you can use normal shampoo to wash hair after the shampoo and salt evenly on top of the scalp with fingertips and then gently massage 3 – after 5 minutes, rinse with water. Recommended 2-3 times a week. Hit the salt water wet face, massage for 1 minute, and the same force when the face, the cheeks to the nose as the center of the large circle drawn from the bottom up. Then part of the pulp in a circular motion rub spots. With plenty of coarse salt put on the toes, between the toes and the soles of the feet part, and knead by hand 5-6 times, rest for 5 minutes and rinse off foot odor can be removed. After the wash, put a teaspoon of fine salt 3-5 drops of water on the palms, fingers and then carefully stir the salt and water, then dipped in salt water from the forehead to wipe the paint from top to bottom, while doing paint ring open massage. After a few minutes, until the face was white powder when dry brine, wash face with warm water, apply moisturizing lotion, wash your face every morning and evening after each time. This has a good cleaning and decontamination effect, but note that the skin around the eye, remember sensitive skin with caution.


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