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Want to choose the right sunscreen, we must first understand the meaning indicated numerically. SPF is due to the resistance to UVB, UVB will burn human skin in the short term, long term, then it will cause skin pigmentation, people will follow black. PA is the value of the resilience of UVA, UVA can either burn our skin, make skin dull short-term and long-term will lead to the aging of our skin, so we also need to pay attention to UVA. If only the commute exposure to sunlight, you can choose SPF15, PA + sunscreen, mainly applied to the face and arms and other exposed parts of the skin. Like office workers, white-collar kind of person is more fit. If you need a long time in outdoor activities, then suggested the use of SPF20, PA + + sunscreen, so as to better protect our skin. Dry skin: dry skin moisturizing effect of a good sunscreen suitable and best able to cover water and antioxidant function. Oily skin: choose a strong penetration of water formulations, oil-free formula sunscreen, recognize OilFree (excluding oil) logo on the packaging. Do not use sunscreen, physical sunscreen products with caution. The product can be applied to the back or the tiger’s mouth, if the skin can absorb quickly, no sticky feeling, whitening sense, and no oily feeling, it basically is a qualified fresh sunscreen.
Sensitive skin: choice of profession sunscreen for sensitive skin, or product description clearly write “allergy-tested”, “young children by dermatologists in clinical testing”, “testing by ophthalmologists,” “free perfumes, preservatives “and other captions.


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