Bad habits easily damage the skin


Often make exaggerated facial expressions, facial wrinkles stereotypes will, over time president of the wrinkles and make skin look significantly older state. Used force to eat food, or eating particularly hard objects, let’s face hardened chewing muscles, to change the whole face contour. Drink plenty of water can replenish skin moisture, skin moist Q bomb, but this is a long-term “homework”, only by adhering to a long time to take effect. But if not often drink, but the lips look will make you look aging 5 years old. Because throughout the year will be on the skin caused by UV damage, so sunscreen is absolutely done throughout the year, not because of one moment of slack and relax. When the skin is in good condition when problems do skin care products, skin condition and we have to use skin care products. Increases with age, skin condition will become increasingly difficult to control, the best method is still used regularly.


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