The benefits of yogurt


After the morning, fasting drink a cup of yogurt, so you can maximize the day on ex vivo accumulation of food digestion and absorption, but the drawbacks of this approach is that a lot of yogurt nutrients the body can not be fully absorbed, but the body Side effects are relatively much smaller. Cause: The yogurt has a strong sense of satiety, and nutrition is very rich, both carbohydrates, but also fat, protein, and vitamins, the heat is not high. Pre-dinner drink a small cup, can reduce food intake. Yogurt contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria and short-chain fatty acids, can promote intestinal peristalsis, thereby treating constipation, achieve weight loss goals. For those eating lunch sitting in front of the computer is no longer active, all the time enveloped in electromagnetic radiation in the office worker, the use lunch time to drink a cup of yogurt, very beneficial to health. Afternoon yogurt can also relieve nervousness and stress at work. Studies have shown that vitamin B can improve the body’s ability to resist radiation damage, as rich in B vitamins yogurt just play this advantage. Yogurt also has to reduce radiation damage, inhibition of lymphocyte numbers decreased radiation posterity role. Tyrosine yogurt for ease psychological pressure, high tension and anxiety caused by human fatigue, which are of great help. After a lactic acid fermentation, yogurt proteins, peptides, amino acids and other tiny particles become, the content of free tyrosine greatly improved, it is also easier to absorb.


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