Movement will offset the benefits of drinking wine


In wine contains antioxidants resveratrol could offset the old movement to bring health effects. The researchers brought together 27 healthy 65-year-old study. They do not like sports, and never smokers. Researchers allow them to participate in an eight-week high-intensity exercise. During this period, the intake of 250 mg of resveratrol half day old; others contain any antioxidants taking placebo. The results showed that, despite the movement to improve the heart health of the elderly. However, blood pressure, lipids and body oxygen transport capacity, resveratrol offset the movement to bring positive results. Placebo for the elderly, blood pressure, “bad cholesterol” levels but low. The researchers also found that resveratrol can slow the process of atherosclerosis, and its health effects have been questioned. Relatively healthy middle-aged men supplement resveratrol did not gain health effects.


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